Центр электронного обмена


Cone Center offer marine oriented ship and shore applications that make up complete systems that puts power at your fingertips. You can choose between already existing systems or challenge us with your own vision of you desired program solution.
Right now we can offer you online software packages:
  • Liner Agency Program (LAPro)
  • (C)One Terminal
  • (C)One Oil Terminal
  • (C)One EDI Portal
  • (C)One Forwarding
  • (C)One Oil Trader
  • (C)One Ship Agent
  • (C)One Warehouse

Liner Agency Program (LAPro) is a modern system for Liner Agents and Principals of regular container or Ro-Ro shipping lines, it works on B2B principle with separation of functions, data and resources of the system in a real mode. It also covers tariffs, quotations, liner documentation, invoicing, sales, CRM and contains reporting and analysis models.The program is easily integrated to accounting systems, cargo-terminals and state systems for tracing the cargo-flows.

(C)One Terminal is a multifunctional system of management for companies active in stevedoring and warehousing business. The system covers all requirements for a regular or bonded ware-house, executes a full control and calculation of the cost for loading /  discharging, stuffing / un-stuffing and storage of goods.

(C)One Oil Terminal was designed to cover requirements of an oil terminal and has the following functionality: contracts with clients, conformance of monthly plans and operation schedules with clients, railways and port, loading and discharging vessel documents producing, berths utilization graphical planning, shore tanks radar monitoring and graphical data presentation and many other.

(C)One EDI Portal is a center for a paperless exchange of information, i.e for Electronic Data Interchange using the most modern data-management technologies. It contains a full set of instruments to make you forget about batches of papers, multiple input of information to different systems with possible mistypes and other unfit tasks.

(C)One Forwarding system is online software designed for companies active in forwarding and multimodal cargo transportation. The system can be customized for any type of jobs and can be integrated with any external accounting system. It is multilingual system that is applicable for companies having offices in different countries and has flexible rules of data sharing between offices.

(C)One Oil Trader system is created for companies involved in fuel purchase, transportation and realization. The system is online, paperless and user friendly.The (C)One Oil Trader system allows to: trace and control fuel purchasing/sales contracts, arrange fuel movements and trace fuel transportation processes made by various combinations of transport (including railway, vessels, and warehousing) till realization, arrange the fuel price fixing, exchange data with financial system, concerning bills and payments.

(C)One Ship Agent system is an online, paperless and user-friendly system for a company offering Ship agent’s services. The system is able to form a working place of a ship agent and works in real time regime.Internet technologies provide the timely arrival of information required for making up the documents related to a ship-call.

(C)One Warehouse is a full-featured online warehouse management system. The system covers all the needs of conventional and bonded warehouse, have complete control and calculation of the cost of operations of loading/discharging, packaging and storage of goods. The system provides on-line cargo handling, pallet and storage through barcoding.